Welcome to Life Fitness and Wellness. This is a program developed by weight loss surgery patients, for weight loss surgery patients and anyone looking to lose weight to help through your journey and answer questions about your new life.

The weight loss surgery process is complicated and medical providers can be extremely busy. Many simply don't have time to answers all your questions.

The weight loss in general is a complicated endevour with controdictory information and new fad diets every week. We are not here to sell you products, books, or equipment. We are here to teach you how your body reacts to the food you eat and use your energy source (food) for your enjoyment, excercise, and life.

What to eat?   When to eat?   What to expect?   What should I be doing? Should I exercise?   How will I feel?

The Life Fit & Well programs will answer your questions with weekly step-by-step guides covering you can expect, what you should be doing, and answering all of your questions.

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